Louis Carbonneau

Intellectual Property Assessment, IP Marketing/Sales, Expert Witness

Louis Carbonneau is an affiliate service member of AJBR and a recognized expert in intellectual property. For over 25 years he has served as a diversified professional in all facets of intellectual property law and business with US, Canadian and international experience. He was recently named by the British Intellectual Assets Management  (IAM) magazine as one of the World’s Leading Intellectual Property Strategists.

Carbonneau is the founder and CEO of TANGIBLE IP, LLC, a patent brokering and IP advisory firm, focusing on IP strategies, patent sales, licensing programs and IP assets management.  In the past year alone, Carbonneau was directly involved in the sale of over 1500 patents, returning tens of millions of dollars to the patent owners, while conducting several IP strategies, freedom to operate (FTO) and IP landscape studies for various clients.

An Adjunct Professor for the University of Washington’s Graduate Program in Intellectual Property Law and Policy, he teaches courses on IP Licensing and lectures on International IP systems as well as at the UW’s prestigious Center for Advanced Studies in Intellectual Property (CASRIP).  He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Washington Bar Association Intellectual Property Section and on the American Intellectual Property Las Association (AIPLA)’s Licensing and Management of IP Assets Committee.

Carbonneau is a strategic advisor to Cycle Capital (an early stage clean tech fund manager) and the Silicon Valley Business School, and is a Special Consultant for IP Strategies & Licensing to the CEIM (one of the largest startup incubators in Canada).  He also consults regularly with the Executive Forum where he advises Wall Street analysts around the business of IP and latest trends and deals in the IP markets.

Prior to launching his own firm, he worked at Microsoft Corporation for 15 years where he was the GM, International IP & Licensing, a member of the patent group management team and the lead business and intellectual property counsel to various business units, including, Windows, Networking, Mobility, Automotive, Real-Time Communications, Robotics, Smart Cards, Smart Personal Objects, Health, Education, Emerging Markets and Strategic Software Silicone Architecture, as well all Microsoft Research labs worldwide and all overseas incubation and product development groups.  In that capacity, Carbonneau was also directly involved in the due diligence of several of Microsoft’s’ acquisitions. He also served in a senior business role at Microsoft as the FM, Outbound Licensing and IP Ventures, where he was primarily responsible for the commercialization and outbound licensing activities of Microsoft’s technology and intellectual property assets. During that period, he structured and negotiated numerous complex transactions with startups, SMBs and Fortune 500 companies.

Carbonneau initially joined Microsoft as the General Counsel of then subsidiary Softimage Inc., a computer graphics software development company based in Montreal, Quebec.  Prior to that, he was member of Smart and Biggar, the largest IP boutique law firm in Canada, where he handled major IP litigations and worked on various IP matters and transactions for several years.

Carbonneau is a frequent guest speaker, locally and internationally, on the subject of intellectual property strategy, innovation and licensing and how they relate to business. In addition to teaching at the University of Washington, he serves as a faculty for the Practicing Law Institute (PLI) and American Conference Institute (ACI). Fluent in English and French, he has both a common law and civil law background and is admitted to practice in Washington State and in Canada. He is a member of the Washington State (WSBA), and Quebec (Canada) Bar Associations, the American Bar Association (ABA), the Licensing Executive Society (LES) and the AIPLA. He is also an inventor and holds a US and international patent around multimedia technology.