Conflict Resolution

Our expert was engaged as a Trustee, representing a majority shareholder, when the shareholder and the Board of Directors of a mid-sized, rapidly growing company each filed litigation claiming wrongful actions by the other, threatening the company’s operations and viability. The Trustee established control in a highly volatile, litigious environment, gaining the trust of all of the parties, legal counsel, courts, arbitrators and employees involved. Normal operations were re-established, growth targets were met, and a plan was developed and implemented to maximize the value of the company and market it aggressively. The conflicting rights of all parties were protected, and the company was successfully sold in a timely manner.

Our expert represented one brother against another in a bitter dispute over the ultimate disposition of the international manufacturing company created by their father. The case involved international travel, non-English speaking witnesses, and complex business and tax issues. The conflict was ultimately resolved through a difficult mediation.

Our expert represented the Receiver in a situation involving a deadlocked board of directors of a closely held company that owned a state-of-the-art floating fish processor. This engagement included developing the value of the company and its key assets by working closely with various experts in the fishing industry, and current and projected national and state regulation governing fishery preservation and catch quotas. It was required to work through contentious positions of the two shareholder factions and ultimately make a recommendation for the company’s disposition, which was accepted by the Court over the vigorous opposition by one of the shareholder factions.