Expert Witness

Our expert was engaged by a lender who was being sued by the Trustee of a corporate bankruptcy with a claim to recover what the Trustee considered to be inordinately high fees and interest charged on $32 million in loans by the lender. This engagement included the review of an extensive business plan and loan documents and the rendering of an opinion on the viability and marketability of a business proposition to become one of the largest bottled water suppliers in the U.S., having utilized the proceeds of the loans to make a very advantageous and economically attractive purchase of all property and water rights of what was previously the long-standing Olympia Brewery Company located in Tumwater, Washington. An opinion was given that the value obtained in the purchase of the property and the tremendous business opportunity it provided to start and potentially become a $500 million (annual sales) company within 5 years far outweighed any excessive loan fees. This engagement included testifying in a court hearing and significantly impacting the judge’s decision fully in favor of the lender.