Private Investigation/Forensic Accounting

Our expert was engaged to conduct the investigation of a retail store with $20 million annual gross receipts to determine the extent of an employee’s theft. Complex analysis of point-of-sale computer system and data was utilized to compare the suspect employee’s sales with other employees’ sales and to calculate a loss of approximately $400,000. The investigation and results were coordinated with local law enforcement, FBI, and prosecutors. A detailed analysis report was prepared and utilized by the U.S. Attorney’s office in the indictment of the employee, who pled guilty of the amount embezzled, and for the business owner’s to file an insurance claim. This engagement included working with the business owner to assess the possibility of other losses and to improve internal controls.

Engaged to conduct an analysis in a securities fraud case involving over 300 investors/victims, our expert reviewed voluminous documents, including records of numerous bank accounts, correspondence, e-mails, victim verification forms, and related financial records. Extensive tracing of transactions was required including funds invested, interest calculations, and repayments to determine balances due to each investor/victim. Presentations covering investigative methods and results were made to the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions. Full restitution, in excess of $4 million of invested funds, was made to all investors/victims.