Engaged to handle an out of court wind down in lieu of court involvement of a physician owned managed care network involving dozens of doctors and multimillions in annual revenues, our expert’s engagement included dealing with the complexities of medical service reimbursement, the management of dozens of independent minded physicians and a model for providing medical services in a financially sustainable manner that was floundering in a sea of changing regulation and reimbursement models. The company was successfully wound down in a manner that bridged the competing goals of the stakeholders.

Our expert represented one of the world’s largest oil companies in the Chapter 11 reorganization of a spin-off company. The key adversary in this case was another large oil company. Tens of millions of dollars were at stake as well as international reputations in this highly competitive field. The engagement involved governance issues, deep seated antipathies and ultimate legal responsibility for the financial aftermath of a terrible accident. Our expert was able to resolve issues through a consensual plan of reorganization.

One of our experts represented a primary lender in the Chapter 11 Reorganization of a crab fishing fleet. The cooperative approach that was taken resulted in the successful reorganization of the debtor, full payment for the lender, significant payment to unsecured creditors and an ongoing profitable relationship for the lender with the debtor in a new business.

Our expert represented one of the Pacific Northwest’s largest forest industry companies in its successful Chapter 11 Reorganization. This engagement involved timber contract obligations to the US Forest Service and thousands of acres of timber rights and tens of millions of dollars of bank debt. Competing lien interests of loggers, banks and bonding companies and the debtor emerged from Chapter 11 and successfully continued in the timber products business.

Our expert represented the committee for all unsecured creditors in a Chapter 11 Reorganization involving a major Northwest cruise line. The engagement included overseeing the liquidation of the physical asset base of the company as well as the litigation against a Fortune 500 company that had been the debtor’s parent, the estate’s key asset. The litigation resulted in a multimillion dollar recovery for the estate and allowed a significant recovery for unsecured creditors. Our expert led the negotiating team on behalf of the debtor to finalize the terms of an extremely complex Chapter 11 plan that provided for settlement of the litigation, release of the parent’s directors and liquidation of all of the debtor’s assets.

Our expert represented a Hong Kong based international company in its multimillion dollar acquisition of a publicly traded United States logistics company with multiple subsidiaries and affiliates across the U.S. The engagement included negotiating the sale of one of the affiliates to a local logistics company and winding down the subsidiaries through out of court arrangements in lieu of receiverships or bankruptcies.