Trustee Engagements

One of our experts was engaged as a Trustee, representing a majority shareholder, when the shareholder and the Board of Directors of a mid-sized, rapidly growing company each filed litigation claiming wrongful actions by the other, threatening the company’s operations and viability. The Trustee established control in a highly volatile, litigious environment, gaining the trust of all of the parties, legal counsel, courts, arbitrators and employees involved. Normal operations were re-established, growth targets were met, and a plan was developed and implemented to maximize the value of the company and market it aggressively. The conflicting rights of all parties were protected, and the company was successfully sold in a timely manner.

Engaged as a Trustee for multiple private trusts, each owning certain rights to various Hollywood movies of varying degrees of fame, our expert’s engagement included the complex transaction of transforming a series of LLCs into private trusts with each member of the companies transferring their membership interests in the companies into beneficial interests in the trusts. There were hundreds of investors across the country who had invested millions of dollars of seed money for the movies. This engagement also included overseeing the successful New York-based litigation for copyright infringement against one of the largest film companies in the United States. Monetizing the assets of the trusts involved dealing with “Hollywood accounting,” complicated national and international film leasing and distribution arrangements, and the sale of residual rights.

Represented the Trustee in a bankruptcy involving a partially remodeled downtown Seattle hotel, our expert’s engagement included working closely with the lender to fund the completion of the project in conjunction with the complex sale agreement to a new owner. The engagement also involved permitting, construction and design issues as well as working through tax credits and a web of materialman lien claims.